Mechanical & Electrical Installation

The function of integrating and controlling the operation of services within buildings, has given rise to the term ‘Intelligent Building’. With the application of integrated systems, each building Owner and Tenant is assured of an effective and efficient method by which their premises are controlled and monitored.

During the past, PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik has successfully installed such electrical and mechanical systems in a variety of buildings. As result of our experience and acquired level of skills, we possess the capacity and capability to create intelligent building, to suit the specific requirement of the Owner or Tenant.

In summary, PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik has the competence to provide you with a design and construction package for your ‘Intelligent Building’.

Mechanical Services
Creating a pleasant and comfortable work environment is the basic concepts for mechanical systems in modern buildings. Not only is this idea basic, but it is also an essential ingredient in producing effective systems for any building’s performance. PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik’s efforts in this field have been proactive and benefited the development of both Indonesian and foreign standards.

The result is that PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik performs all work, and places into effect sound mechanical systems for efficient operation, with due regard to environmental circumstances.

Fire Protection
Fire protection system is the essential for life safety and property, and design and installation of the systems shall be performed in strict compliance with regulations and laws. With full understanding of local regulations and rules, PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik offers complete services including fire sprinkler system, fire hydrant and intelligent fire alarm system.

Building Automation
Today, all the individual services are linked to the Building Automation System for effective building management and energy conservation. PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik offers service ranging from planning, design and installation of optionally and user-friendly Building Automation System to their maintenance and operation.

Information & Communication Network
Local Area Network(LAN) is a more effective medium by which information is communicated. The integrated cabling systems for office automation system (OA) and its management, improves the efficiency of the building’s facilities.

PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik supports design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of network throughout our organization.

Electrical Services
Various forms of installations are in great demand in modern building, whether it is be on a partially or totally integrated basis. PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik has responded to electrical engineering and installation demands for the many different types of building structures and functions. Today, we offer the full range of electrical systems, beginning at the power source all the way through to the fully automated intelligent means for multi-functional buildings.

Plumbing Services
Plumbing services is closely connected with human life to preserve health for building occupants. PT Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik provides all plumbing services including water treatment system and sewage treatment system to maintain the better sanitary environment of building

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Services
he air conditioning and ventilation of a factory is not only for improving the work environment, but also for increasing the productivity. For electronic and biochemical industries, it is essential to create high quality products, therefore serious consideration is given to these concerns.