Our Mission

TSRT will strive to become an excellance Contractor.

Core Mission & Values

The Sumitomo Densetsu Group will recognize its social missions and responsibilities and:

  • Work toward creation of pleasant environment supporting the affluent society, and contribute to enhancement of prosperity of the society;
  • Provide engineering services of the highest customer satisfaction, placing importance on trust and technologies;
  • Promote fair and transparent business management with high corporate ethical standars and compliance; and
  • Develop employees enriched with creativity, and aim toward a company sustaining employees vitality and well-being.


The new Guideline for Employee Conduct is expressed in simple and comprehensible wording based on the three ways of “attitude to outside (society),” “attitude to inside (among employees),” and “attitude to the future” under the SUMITOMO DENSETSU GROUP Corporate Philosophy. This new guideline places more importance on Sumitomo Densetsu’s spirit of “sincerity” and “teamwork” and features a brave, challenging attitude towards the future. Taking this opportunity, it is named “SEM VALUE”.

Let’s aim to become an enterprise being expected to meet the needs of society based on our SEM VALUE, show our integrated strengths as the team Sumitomo Densetsu, and thereby contribute to achieving a sustainable society.


Logo Philosophy


The light that descended directly from the sky to earth implies that Taiyo Sinar
is a forward company that will develop further towards tomorrow.


Taiyo Sinar is a company that values ​​bonding and meeting people in Asia and aims to create the Company to be a bridge for Asia to the future.


Like the name Taiyo Sinar, solar energy (TAIYO) that shines in the sky gathers in Jakarta which is located in the center of the world.


Symmetrical design denotes stability and harmony/fusion, and means continuity and development over time that continues unabated into the future.
On the other hand, sharp light legs symbolize constant change, progress and innovation.