Plant Service

PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik has handed over hundreds of large industrial plants throughout the region of Indonesia. They include petrochemical, pulp, cement, fertilizer and power generation plants. Our proven capability has enhanced the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant, irrespective to its size or type.

Project Planning and Engineering

Quality, quantity and time are essential ingredients in handling over a project, therefore thorough preliminary planning is vital. Using our computerized planning system, PT Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik constantly monitors all scheduling aspects of engineering, procurement, expediting, quality control, and construction.

Procurement Service

Based on reliable quality, quantity and timely deliveries all for a fair price, PT. Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik offers the best of procurement services. These services include quality assurance, inspections, packing, insurances, shipping, inland transportation, unloading and warehousing for all materials from both local suppliers and overseas vendors.